HP BlueCarpet is a fully automated, web-based HP incentive program. HP, Intel, Microsoft & VMware have developed this platform to increase business growth, while recognizing and compensating Sales Representatives for their knowledge and sales of qualifying HP products with minimal administrative effort and without loss of productivity.

Register today and participate in the incentive program that was created especially for you.

How to Register
You only need to register once. Visit http://www.hpbluecarpet.net and follow these simple steps:

1. Click “Register Now” enter and confirm your email
2. Complete the registration and read and accept the Official Terms of the program.
Important: You will only be able to start using the program as soon as your company has completed the registration process in full.

A Point is the official point system unit for the HP BlueCarpet Incentive Program.
Registered Sales Representatives and Program Administrators will have the opportunity to accumulate Points. As soon as you register, you will receive your first 50 Points (one time registration only).

Accumulate Points by selling participating HP products and participating in behavioral activities. Behavioral activities can include registration, online trainings and attending local HP events. To view your Point balance, go to “My Account” and select “My Points”. Qualifying participants can redeem Points for fabulous prizes by accessing the program’s online catalog.

Points can be accumulated during the Program’s valid periods. This information is available in the Terms of Use of the program. Points cannot be accumulated or carried over for future periods. It is not possible to combine Points from the accounts of different users. Points are non-transferable.

Accumulating Points
Sales Representatives

1. Register to participate in HP BlueCarpet (First time only)
2. Sell qualifying HP products
3. Attend specific local HP events


1. Register to participate in HP BlueCarpet (First time only)
2. Motivate the sales force to register
3. Distribute sales-generated Points to participating sales representatives